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Ballroom Dancing

One thing I've wanted to try but felt weird doing it by myself was ballroom dancing. The ex wasn't ever interested in it.

Earlier this month there was a group dance lesson for Yelp so I signed up and brought my boyfriend. We learned the Cha-Cha (switching partners every few minutes) and signed up for the 2 for $20 private lessons. We spent more time on the dance and this next week we're going to learn the waltz.

I'm really glad I signed up for that afternoon.


I guess even when you're divorced you still wake up mad at someone for something they did in a dream.

Dissolution/Divorce was official one day shy of our 23rd wedding anniversary. The other day I woke up mad at him. First time I've dreamt about him in a while.

I usually have work related dreams these days.


I don't understand it. Why can't I see any of my friends feed beyond 8/26/16? I've got a year's worth or so to catch up on.


Every few months I try to use the mobile app and get ticked off. Today it told me my ID didn't exist. Must by why I can never view any friend feeds on my phone. *sigh*


Found out today my corneas are slightly thicker than the standard cornea. As a result, my eye pressures tend to run towards the high end of the normal range.

Sunday Sunday

Pretty typical day getting ready for the rest of the week. It's a perfect mixture of sun and fall temperatures. When I get home I'm going to throw open the windows and let the house air out.

Yesterday I got contact lenses for the first time in 10 or 15 years. I think they are the wrong script. Close up is great. Distance is blurry and sometimes double. Shouldn't I be able to read street signs? lol

Great Friday

On the way to work I drove down an alley and to my surprise there were two Corgi behinds taking a walk. I can spot a Pembroke pair of pants from almost any angle. Told them an he had gorgeous dogs. They, of course, were good little Corgis and let loose with the barks in case I was trouble.

Then shortly after the workday started my most recent former supervisor told me she was down the hall so I went with the other Corgi owner to see her. Lots of smiles and hugs.

Both events brought happiness and joy.

Vacation Update

Let's see... current vacation has included uneventful flights, beach, small sunburn, children's books, ice cream, monster high, little house on the prairie, piano, tourist stuff, and a 4.9 earthquake. More details to follow.


New Valentine's Day

My BFF suggested we make 6/26 a new Valentine's Day. I like that idea.


I was playing with the idea of sneaking a birthday party at my house. My mom offered to throw me one but I said no. I mentioned it to some friends who mentioned it to other friends who said, "We want to celebrate Amber's birthday but she's not paying for it."

So now I'm having a party. Haven't had one since the surprise 21st thrown by my friends in college. I'm turning 44. I guess it's time, right?