dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

NaNoWriMo Day Four

So day four, Friday, is the one day I haven't met my word count yet. My husband was at work so I had the evening free to do my writing or whatever else I wanted.

I watched Bones, ate dinner, probably accidently erased Commander in Chief, and got to writing. I started at 9pm and finished at 10:30pm. I wrote another 1200+ words leaving me with a word count of 7,662. I usually don't listen to music while I write. On this evening, I listened to some of my 90's CDs and put in a Beatles CD too. Forty-Five minutes into it I started yawning. I was pretty tired and when my husband got home I was like a cranky 3-year-old who needed her nap. I couldn't decide if I wanted a snack, if I wanted to hang out with him, or if I wanted to go to sleep. I went to sleep.
Tags: tv, writing

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