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NaNoWriMo Day Six

So for the day six a choice had to be made. Do I write after getting up in the morning, or find some time to go to the library and do it?

I opted to stay home and do it in the morning. It takes me 30 minutes before I get into the mood for writing. I've noticed this consistently each day this month. I take out a writing magazine, skim through it, maybe read an article or two, and then I look at my novel synopsis. I figure out what I've accomplished so far and what I'm going to write about that day. By then thirty minutes has passed me by. And I start to write. It's very calming. Except for today, when I've written at home I light one of my scented candles and have that burning during the duration of my writing time.

Today my main character finished up his first day at work, took his friend's dog for a walk and thought of ways to get to know more people or get a date. I wrote for one and half hours which was the same amount of time on Friday night but I got a lot more accomplished in my word count and in developing the backstory of some of the characters. Total word count for the novel is at 12,441.

One of my reasons for success has to be my sweet husband. Yesterday morning he asked me how everything was coming along and if I was happy with my writing. My answer was along the lines of "I'm not concentrating so much on the quality of the writing as I am the process of it." I'm noticing what is working or what isn't working for me. One day I stopped towards the end of an argument so I could pick up from there the next day. Another day I started with a new scene.

My thoughts on what is working for me so far:
Devoted writing time each day.
A synopsis of my story and the events that take place.
Daily word count goal.
Rewards (even if I haven't been rewarding myself, earning them is a good thing!)

My thoughts on what isn't working for me so far:
Writing late at night.

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