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I feel so relaxed right now it's unreal. I'm also starving.

First thing after taking the dog for his morning walk, I went to the UPS store to drop off my work package. I also went to the library to return some items, went to Target to buy a new phone card and pruning shears, and got lunch at Wendy's. Today is an OSU home game, and while I was out people were already heading to the stadium. This was between 11 and noon. The game didn't start until 3:30pm. I am always thankful when I can get errands done in the blocks near my neighborhood with no incidents on a game day. Streets are usually closed to divert traffic. While eating lunch I watched the first half of Minority Report. I logged into EQ for a bit but was the only one there in the guild. No one showed up so I then played WoW for a few hours and watched the rest of Minority Report.

Since I now had pruning shears I attacked the front bushes! The dog was on his chain in the front yard and wandered around, doing his thing. Every now and then yells could be heard from the restaurant across the street or at the apartment two doors down. The OSU Game was on and they were winning when I went outside. Even with the yelling, there was something centering about pruning the bushes. They don't look the best, and they definitely look better than they did. I suppose it was the act of giving something complete and total attention. That's probably why so many people knit or sew. I always found sewing calming but I only took classes in high school. My mother had an ancient sewing machine I could never quite get to work.

I've taken a long warm bath and am ready for dinner. There are so many choices though (I thought I'd order carryout) that I can't make up my mind.

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