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I’m a big ball of emotions this morning due to cumulative events, mainly based around my life in Norrath aka EverQuest and was feeling sad when I went into work.

Now things have come to a head with one of our big accounts. Things have been bad for the customer for a year (the junior manager took over things almost a year ago) and due to various circumstances (not all business related), the customer has neglected to sign a renewal contract for the last four months. My manager tried to recruit one of the customer’s favorite former employees but it didn’t work. That’s bad because the customer really wanted to have this person back. It’s good because the former employee would have been making more money than me and other members of our management team. Several of us already have resentment over the no pay increase thing and this might have pushed a person (not me) over the edge.

If things don’t improve, the customer will leave. Then our department would only be bringing in about $60K a month which would make the company look at dissolving our department. It might be nice to get unemployment for a few weeks but even worse would be the feelings that come with that combined with the feelings of resentment knowing that it’s been coming and not being able to slap anyone enough to wake up to it.

What is amusing is that I was thinking this morning that I don’t know what that manager does all day. I mentioned it to my friend ~E~ and she said she didn’t know either. I told her I didn’t know what the other manager did either; every time I go to his desk he’s on the internet. She sits near him and said that he talks to his team all day. No wonder his team just gossips all day and tries to think of ways to get out of work.

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