dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Week Two NaNoWriMo - It's hard to write!

It's been really hard to write this week. Sure, I've had things planned for several evenings, but it has been hard. I haven't made my daily word count goal the last four days. I have managed to write every day, though, which is good. The second week is supposed to be the hardest. And it is!

Yesterday I remembered I took Monday off work so I could write. I thought I wouldn't go to the write-in scheduled for this afternoon since I would have all day Monday. Plus I wasn't going out with my husband last night which would give me more time to write. Then I decided I should still go. The company would be good for me and might motivate me to get more done and mean I could write less on Monday. Am I confusing anyone yet? When I shared the thought with my husband that I might not go to the write-in today he looked at me like I was crazy. He's just so amazing.

On Thursday night we went to something at his work and met up with our ex-neighbor and one of her friends. Afterwards we met her at a restaurant that was open late where we ate and they had some drinks. Before his work function and at the restaurant he just kept bragging about me. "I told you she's been working on a novel!" "She's got 17,000 words down for her novel." "She's got a synoposis already written for her next novel." "She's doing awesome." "She writes everyday." It felt a little strange to be on the outside of that listening to him talk about me. Don't get me wrong... I was loving every minute of it. Pride and love was evident in every syllable he spoke about me.

One person on the NaNo forums said that her boyfriend was supportive but only because he thought if she published a novel that he could quit his job. Huh? Who gets that kind of success right off the bat? If my husband and I were home all day I'd be tempted to hang out with him and do nothing else because I like his company so much. My husband is supportive so many of the right reasons. You know... likes to see me happy, he loves me, he knows it's important to me... the list could go on and on.

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