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Small Update

This weekend we walked over to the movie theater and saw The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio. I liked the book more than the movie. Woody Harrelson's character, the father, was of course made out to be the bad guy and Woody's acting had to be bad too. The first week it played here hardly anyone went and then over the weekend it picked up all of a sudden. I hope it helps my HSX stock! hehe

Since I had Monday off work I went ahead and did one of my NaNo rewards. Bad movies! The first was Sleepover. Steve Carell was funny. It was weird seeing Sean Faris as the "hot guy". I mean, I see him one night as Craig on Reunion and am totally loving the bad Christian Slater impersonating Jack Nicholson voice and then here he is looking much more like a teenager. The next treat was Monster-In-Law. I enjoyed Wanda Sykes the best. The actor who played Jennifer Lopez' neighbor, Remy, is named Adam Scott. He's one to watch out for. If he can get through the movie Hairshirt with his career intact and get a part in Art School Confidential, he has to have something going for him. I don't think he has a big part in it, but still... The best movie though was 13 Going on 30. I'm starting to think I'm a sucker for Mark Ruffalo.

Yesterday evening I booked out of work so we could see The Dying Gaul and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. An evening of good looking men on screen and a good looking man to cuddle with. The Dying Gaul went places I didn't expect it to and I liked it. It was depressing and sad but good. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang I went into with no expectations whatsoever. I loved it! It was hilarious. I laughed belly laughs at this one. With the wrong audience it would be easy for the jokes to fall flat. Val Kilmer's delivery is fantastic.

My husband picked up the car for me on Saturday and I didn't get around to driving it until Monday. I was so mad at AAA. I thought, "They left this bolt and the bolt-holder thingie on the passenger seat. And they messed up the driver's seat. There's some mechanical thing poking my leg. Should I call my husband and let him know? Should I just take this over there and make them fix it? Well... it's driving better and doesn't seem to be dangerous..." When I told my husband he laughed and laughed. The bolt and bolt-holder thingie were from him and the AAA trying to change the flat tire. And the mechanical thing poking my leg was the car jack. He had shoved it in there after AAA filled up the flat tire so it could be taken to the shop. He could just imagine me showing up on their doorstep insisting they fix it.

Except for yesterday, I've made my daily NaNo word count goal. I'm still behind where I want to be but tonight I finished at 28,177 words. At work they know I've been doing some writing at lunch so if I've said I can't join them for lunch they've understood. They just think I'm eating in the break room so I can get more writing done. That is part of it.

I'm about two days behind in catching up on my friends posts but I should get caught up this weekend.
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