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The other weekend (the 5th) I had the brilliant idea to use my Mary Kay Satin Hands Set on my feet. Boy did it make my feet feel good. So on the 12th I went to a Mary Kay party. The theme was “Muffins and Makeovers”.

It was held at a Mary Kay woman’s house. I think she’s a director. The house was NICE!!! Just her kitchen and attached living room was more space than the first floor of my apartment. The first floor had an entry bathroom, a sitting room, a dining room, a living room, and a kitchen. There was probably more. Then downstairs was a living room, a bar, a bathroom and more rooms I didn’t see.

The regional director came from Toledo for the party. It was one of the biggest Mary Kay parties I’d been to. There were six or seven consultants and eight people there for the party. We did the Satin Hands and did complete facials. My current May Kay lady is someone here at work. During the facial she was giving me a shoulder massage with this mint oil stuff that smelled good.

Part of the day was also a little recruitment party. I wasn’t all that crazy about that part of it but it could have been a lot worse. They have get togethers each Monday night to talk about new product, review business goals, etc. That’s smart but I just don’t want to commit one night a week (or more) to doing a side business. About twelve or so years ago the Mary Kay lady I was with had me meet with her supervisor to recruit me into the business. I wasn’t all that interested in it.

They now have a special thing where you can pay $100 and do orders for yourself at half price. That might be nice but I know I’d want to give it a try if I was going to put out money like that. I suppose paying $100 fee to get a special discount would more than make up for the initial fee. When directly asked if I’d be interested in being a Mary Kay consultant I said it was a possibility. I mean, I’m much more inclined now than I was back then and if I did get to a point where I couldn’t hold down a full time job it would be a possibility.

So this week my Mary Kay lady asks me to meet with her supervisor so she can practice her recruitment speech. Sounds a little fishy because she said I could do it over the phone then said she wanted to do it in person. I’m meeting them in 5 minutes.

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