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NaNoWriMo Day Nineteen

Today my main character and his sister finished their dinner in a Chinese restaurant, picked out Halloween candy, and went back to his apartment. She watched a movie on his laptop and he fixed the family computer. Below is an excerpt of their conversation when she decides it's time to go to sleep.

"I'm a little tired. Where am I sleeping?"
"I remade the bed for you. You can sleep there tonight and I'll sleep here in the living room."
Jason got up and went to the bedroom. He picked out his pajamas, and gathered a pillow and his sleeping bag in his arms. He walked back out to the living room.
"Don't you have an overnight bag or anything?"
"It's in my truck. I'll go get it." She took a cigarette and her lighter with her outside. She was gone a while and came back reeking of smoke.
"What is that look for?"
"You smell."
"I smell? I put on deodorant today."
"Of smoke. You reek of smoke."
"It's getting cold outside. I sat in the cab to enjoy my smoke."
Jason was glad he had bought several sets of sheets. He hoped the pillow wouldn't pick up the smell through the pillow case. If it did, he'd wash the pillow with the sheets or leave it hanging on the fire escape to air out. He just couldn't understand why anyone would want to be a smoker. Sure, everyone smoked in the 50s but it was decades later. The health risks were known by everyone. It prematurely aged people. Smoking was being banned in public places. It was unfashionable for so many reasons.
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