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NaNoWriMo Day Twenty-Two

All in all not a bad day for my novel.

The first thing I did was map out what events needed to happen and in what order. Having something updated to work from was very helpful. Usually before I sit down to write I look at my synopsis which was written back in October. As of this morning I had twelve events to include. I was able to get two and a half of them out of the way. I did most of my writing in the afternoon and in the evening. I wrote over 2000 words today and was able to put another star on my daily word count calendar.

My word count as of today is 38,570 and I'm scheduled to have my 50,000 words written by the 28th of November.

I haven't taken any dares but I am going to include a suggestion someone gave me. Every 10,000 words some of us in my region have been posting Autosummaries created by Word. When I reached 30,000 the following Autosummary made someone comment Jason should play a game of Simon Says. That's a good idea and I'm going to use it!

“Jason! Jason looked at Laura. “Hi Jason!”
Jason laughed. Jason kept walking. “Hi, Jason! “Jason! Jason chuckled. Jason followed.
Jason blushed. Jason nodded.
Jason laughed. “Hi, Jason. Jason sighed.
Jason nodded. Jason laughed. “Hi Jason.”
Jason replied.
Jason smiled. Jason blushed.

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