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In other news...

My husband read this in a magazine and it was so good I thought I'd share it! Some woman called the Orange County Sheriff's Department to report Burger King for not making her burger correctly. The transcript and recording are available on

Earlier this week we saw a documentary titled Sheriff. It was raved about by someone my husband knows so we thought we'd watch it. I kept waiting for something to happen and it never did! At some point during a documentary you recognize the storyline the filmmaker is following during this event or person's life. There was no storyline. All I took away from it is that being a sheriff isn't an easy thing and not having the proper equipment can delay their work.

Tonight we watched Starman which I'd never seen but remembered it being very popular when it was released. In a way it was like traveling back in time... full service gas stations, inability to track credit card transactions in real time and the inability to clone life forms. It might have been possible to clone organs (you know, white mice with ears on their backs) but no one imagined scientists could clone animals and in the movie one of the characters state Earth's technology is so primitive that we couldn't possibly clone a human being from DNA. I recall there was a tv show based on the series but I never watched it.

The dog's limp comes and goes. Today he was a bit of a cuddle bunny. There was much spooning and laying on my feet getting done today. I'd go upstairs to get something and tell him I'd be right back down but he'd follow me anyway. He's not going to know what to do tomorrow when he's by himself.

Over the last few days I've been able to get caught up on my tv shows. The Biggest Loser always makes me cry for one reason or another. The other week My Name is Earl had four episodes on before Jason Lee was on Saturday Night Live. I got to see some episodes I missed but our DVR got weird and didn't tape SNL so I didn't get to see it. Got to watch some Everybody Hates Chris, Reunion, Survivor and Prison Break.

Today I got to see Margaret Cho do a reading from her new book on Booktv. My husband taped it for me; he tapes things for me all the time he'll think I'm interested in seeting. I love Margaret Cho. She rocks!

I have to go to work tomorrow so I'll sign off now and go to bed.
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