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I Shopped and I Lived!

Thanksgiving wasn't nearly as stressful as I thought it would be. My mother wasn't feeling well so she stayed home but my Dad drove in to celebrate. Thanksgiving is held at an aunt's house each year. There were a ton of us. This year we took up the dining room, the upstairs and two of the kitchen barstools. The single cousin brought a girlfriend this year. It's like all the men in my husband's family never brings around girls unless they're sure the girl is "the one". I met most of my husband's relatives at his high school graduation party but I don't remember much about it. The real family meeting when he and I were dating was at a Thanksgiving celebration. Thanksgiving this year was about five hours altogether. We played Texas Hold'Em but I didn't place. Neither did my husband. First place was big money this time! 1st place got $50, 2nd place got $20 and 3rd place got $10.

The strange thing is that people kept asking me about my novel. One aunt didn't believe I was really doing it. hehe. My mother-in-law wondered if I'd tell her what it was about. So I told her and then she asked if she could read it. I said, no, I wasn't letting anyone read it. She replied, "Oh, it's got bad stuff in there about parents, doesn't it? So you don't want me to read it." I explained that no, the first novel is always bad and so I wasn't going to let anyone read it. Sometimes people say kids think everything revolves around them... sometimes parents (or in-laws) can think that too. If it weren't for Ralph Keyes' book, The Courage to Write: How Writers Transcend Fear, I might be worried about what they think. But I don't. The words I write are mine and for me. Maybe others will have intereste in them. Maybe they will get published one day. Maybe they won't. But I'll keep plugging away.

Once home we got caught up on more of our tv shows. I watched Survivor and went through the sales ads. After surfing the internet I went to bed about 2:15am. At 5:15am I was awake. I took my pills and headed out into the cold. It was kind of peaceful driving with hardly anyone around. I went to Kohl's, Best Buy, JC Penney, Target and Bed Bath and Beyond. It only took three hours and most of that was spent driving from place to place. At Kohl's one of the salespeople said I was smart having my shopping list in my Palm. Everyone was pleasant (including the man at Best Buy that did a price check for me) but the crowds at Best Buy were unbelievable. When I walked in people were grabbing donuts and coffee off the front table. I thought, "Goodness! I wonder how crazy this was over an hour ago when they opened?" Bed Bath and Beyond didn't even open until 9am but a few people (including myself) were there at 8am and they let us in to do our shopping.

My poor husband woke up just as I was pulling out of the parking lot. He stayed up until I got home to make sure he'd be available if I needed anything. I was expecting him to be asleep while I was gone! Just like the night I had to go into work overnight until 6am he was determined to stay up with me. He's such a sweetie for so many reasons.

This is the first after Thanksgiving I haven't had to work in two or three years. Right after going to bed this morning I got a call and a page from work. My pager was on vibrate (and downstairs) and I really couldn't hear the answering machine. We slept for three hours and when I returned the phone call and the page the person never called me back. So I guess it got taken care of... I kept telling the co-workers I see every day that I was expecting something to go wrong and to get a page of some kind. The department manager is in charge of the after hours/weekend team but I get calls sometimes because I live 30 minutes away from work while he lives 3 - 4 hours away. Except for during the week but that's a complicated living situation which will probably find its way into a short story or novel at some point. :)
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