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Movies and Cleaning

We usually see a movie on holidays but this year we didn't. We're not behind though!

Wednesday night we saw The Ice Harvest and Walk the Line. I rather enjoyed them both.

When we got home I made something quick to eat. I had a headache and was getting cranky. I took some Tylenol but it didn't help. I only wrote about two hundred words. I should have taken my husband up on his offer of a hot dog or pretzel for dinner. We've known since our honeymoon that if I don't eat something for a long time that I get cranky and fussy. It had been about eight hours between lunch and the popcorn I had with the second movie. Had anyone filmed us at home they would have seen a comedy of errors.

I was trying to write while on the couch and all I could think about was how tired I was and how I didn't want to write but I had to get some words down. Even though it was nearly midnight and I knew I'd be awake in the early morning I had a newly opened can of Coke on the coffee table in an effort to help get me some more words. Then my bubbly husband sat down to chat with me. The dog was in between us trying to get attention from either of us. At some point I decided I'd had enough. I shut down the laptop, went upstairs, shut down all the windows my husband had open on the computer, uploaded my word count and went to bed. At some point after going to bed I could hear him muttering something and my shrewish cranky voice yelled out, "What did you say?!" Busted. The only time he mutters a complaint about his wife and he got caught. A little bit later I went into the office and let him know why I was going to bed so early, why I was cranky, etc. and it smoothed things over a great deal.

We were laughing about it coming back from Thanksgiving. I find a giggle or two is still escaping just thinking about it.

Yesterday evening we went to a mall theater and saw Elizabethtown. There were parts I liked. Maybe I'll like it more in a few years. I asked my husband if he was bored. He said he just had his jaw open the entire time trying to figure out how Cameron Crowe got away with getting this movie made.

My husband has decided it's time to clean out his closet. I think. I'm not entirely sure what he's doing in there. This closet is about six or eight feet long and only a foot and a half wide. It's his to do whatever he wants with (and is where he hides my Christmas presents). This summer he reorganized his stacks of books. Now he's going through his boxes of comics and his movie posters. We still have our Bone #1. Wednesday night when he was being so bubbly it was mainly about the Marvel comics Identity Crisis series. He has some of the original issues from the 80's and that's really why he's taken out his boxes of comics. I think he found out that he doesn't have all of the old series. We should probably buy him another box.

We're going out tomorrow to see a movie and have dinner with my brother-in-law and his wife. I feel the need to clean in case they come inside the apartment but that would break our long-running streak of no visitors allowed.

Two people have begged off the scheduled write-in for today, including the organizer. I'll still go so I can be sure to get more writing done. I did do some this morning just because I could.
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