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NaNoWriMo Day Twenty-Six

It's getting close to the wire, folks!

Today I'm a little bit excited and a little sad. I'm excited because it means that when I am done I can put this novel behind me and get started on the next project. I'm a little sad because this baby will be put to rest. I don't plan on editing it and trying to make it workable. Maybe I can make it into a short story later or I'll get around to editing it at that time.

My total word count is 44875. I wrote 3,039 words today.

Below is an excerpt of some of the writing I did today:

Jason could hear someone singing in the apartment below him. The voice was that of a woman. He wondered what kind of neighbor he had. Was she a patron of the arts? This was the second time Jason heard something from her apartment and he'd lived there nearly two months. He couldn't hear any music this time so if she was accompanied by music it was at a low volume. From the chorus he deduced the name of the song was All the Pretty Little Horses. Her voice was clear and the tone was even. The unknown singer would sing the song but when she stumbled she'd start over again from a few words prior to the error. Jason told himself that she was a middle-aged woman, recently divorced, who didn't want any regrets on what she did with her life. The neighbor had written a list of all the things she wanted to do and now she was free to check items off her list. Surely some of the items included clogging, learning to sing, and cooking. He supposed every woman wanted to learn how to cook something… it was good to be known for a specialty. He imagined that she would sign up for scuba diving lessons at the scuba shop down the street if she hadn't done so already. He should make brownies or cookies sometime and bring them down to her as a way of introducing himself.
Sunday morning he woke up to the sound of the ringing of church bills from the church next door. Jason thought it was the first time he hadn't heard them ringing crazily. The ringing was much more controlled and they only pealed a few times. He took a shower, got dressed, and reviewed the directions to the church given to him by Roberta. He put on his sport coat and reached for his jacket. His arms felt tight and then he heard a rip. His right shoulder didn't feel so tight anymore. He took off the sport coat and groaned at the sight of the rip. Jason should have known it was too small. He hadn't worn this sport coat in nearly a year and even then it was too tight to button the front of it. Jason left the sport coat on the kitchen table and took his winter jacket with him. Jason got into The Grape, let it warm up for a few minutes and then went about finding the church.
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