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If you want to make a snowflake, here is a place where you can make one. I can't control the scissors but the ones on the site are pretty to look at!

When I left to go writing yesterday my husband was taking a nap. When I came back he'd been working on his comic book collection all day. Today I came up with the brilliant idea of telling him to have his brother meet us at the movie theater and then he can drive us to the restaurant for dinner and drop us off at our apartment afterwards. I was told that was the plan the entire time... I think someone was trying to get me to do some cleaning because he'd conveniently forgotten to mention it to me even after reading my LJ. He can be so sneaky at times!

I'm procrastinating on figuring out who to send holiday cards to. I did get the Jim Henson and the Christmas Cookies stamps at the post office on Friday.

I did finish reading The Slippery Slope. I'm now glad I stuck with the series. My husband has given me some fiction issues of magazines that I'm slowly getting through and loving it. The stories are obviously for a more mature audience than the Lemony Snicket books and it kind of feels like having a grown up conversation with someone.

I've been debating on staying after work this week to do the exercise bike or treadmill in an effort to get some of this weight I've gained off. I've already started cutting back on the prednisone even more and on the amount of food I'm eating with my meals.
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