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Sunday Update

I bought these little 6-inch frozen Home Run Inn Pizzas to give them a try. My husband microwaved his and I made mine in the oven. They were good but I don't know if I can eat them again. He had pepperoni. I had pepperoni and sausage. My tummy didn't feel so good about two hours later which kind of took the enjoyment out of dinner with my brother-in-law and his wife. I didn't realize that Home Run Inn runs a few restaurants in Chicago. I think there was just too much grease on the pizza.

We saw The Squid and The Whale yesterday evening. I really enjoyed it. There were little details that helped make the movie for me such as the glass Burger King glasses. I forgot the fast food restaurants made those in the 80's! The types of conversations the characters have rang true with me. So it's up there with Secret Lives of Dentists in showing family life. Of the four of us who saw the movie (my husband saw it at the Toronto International Film Festival so this was a second viewing) my sister-in-law had the most outspoken reactions to it. She's the only one who has divorced parents and being a new mother she zeroed in on how messed up parents can make their kids.

When I woke up this morning I was wide awake but now I'm getting sleepy.
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