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NaNoWriMo Day Twenty-Eight

My last scheduled NaNoWriMo Write-In. I was told the Caribou Coffee was quiet and usually deserted. Boy was I a sucker!

I arrived just after six and found it nearly packed. I was relegated to a chair by the love seat and coffee table in the back corner. I did try the hot chocolate and it was good. I am not a coffee drinker so the new fangled lids used on coffee these days gave me a surprise. Well, I wasn't sure how you use one. I mean, do you just let the drink pour into your mouth or do you suck it out? Trying to figure it out, I had a yummy little marshmallow slip through. Whee! I like marshmallows. After that it just didn't seem important whether or not I was drinking it correctly.

Within about fifteen minutes two of my fellow NaNoers showed up. ~B~ and ~J~. I met them last Monday at the library write-in. They are a very cute couple. ~J~ challenged ~B~ to do it. She's already finished her novel and started writing something else! ~J~'s laptop was giving him trouble so he was waiting for the partition to finish clearing itself but ~B~ and I started writing. ~J~ showed me the winners certificates. I like it! We were all writing until ~B~'s braille machine battery ran out. It had been running at 30% recently and this time it just died on her. She left the charger at home and couldn't let it recharge. She tried her best to leave ~J~ alone to write but she was pretty bored. At one point ~B~ turned to me and commented, "I think it smells funny in here. Don't you think it smells like feet?" I just had to laugh. I felt like I couldn't smell anything. Between the whirring of the machines and the music, it was really hard for me to hear ~B~ and ~J~ at times. We all packed it in at 8:30pm.

At home I wrote more. I wanted to have about 1000 words left so I could take my time writing on Tuesday. I'm fitting in my events faster than I thought I could do it and they're happening a lot more naturally than I had originally planned.

My main character had a bad date and a bubble bath afterwards.

Words Written: 2061
Total Word Count: 49004
Tags: writing

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