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Dogs Make Good Company

Today the dog spent his time amusing me though I really don't think he was trying.

I woke up with a headache and some sinus pressure. I took my allegra-D and Tylenol but at 7:30am none of it was working. I called in sick, read for a little bit, woke my husband up, and went back to bed. The dog got to enjoy the comfort of the bed too. I woke up a few times and looked over at the dog only to find him passed out on my husband's pillow. He didn't move at all. Finally around 11:30am I woke up for good. He started looking uneasy. Then he started looking down and towards the front of the apartment. Maybe he developed x-ray vision and I don't know it.

I got up and took him out. I mentally cursed Piper's mom for not cleaning up after him though I didn't step in anything. When we got to the front of the apartments I saw a U-Haul in the yard. It looked like my neighbor and her husband were moving out. Then I saw her bring her little silver SUV and back up into the yard. It was kind of funny.

Lately when we're on the couch he'll whine to indicate he wants up there with us. I've noticed he does it to me when it's just me on the couch. One time he asked today I told him he could join me and moved over a little bit to the left. He got up on the right side of me and walked around me to lay down on my left hand side. I was planning on sitting there! So I petted him and found one of his spots on his back. He was just lying on his side with his neck crooked at a funny angle, and his leg was just tapping away at the couch while I kept rubbing his spot. He was a happy Corgi!

Later he decided to lay at the other end of the couch with his head resting on the arm rest. I got up to take a picture and he moved. He sat puffed up on the white pillow watching me to see what I would do. He let me take a picture of him like that. Then I decided to take some more of him. He looked away and wouldn't look at me as though I wasn't there at all. I noticed when he saw the Dalmation mix down the street last week that if he didn't look at her he could try to pretend she wasn't there. Maybe he didn't want to have his picture taken? When I would press the button he'd look at me and that's the picture I'd get. After two or three pictures of the same shot I gave up.

Every time I've gone upstairs today he waits by the bedroom door to see if we're going to take another nap. I may just lie down and read so he can enjoy more of the cushy bed.

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