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So I come back to work today and I find myself in the position where I’m so frustrated that I want to scream or cause harm to others.

We have certain standards regarding emails for accounts to minimize confusion. We get hundreds of emails a day. The standard is an easy one… you put the *&*@&*@ name of the customer in the subject line. My boss, the manager of the department, forwarded one email today to the entire department without doing this. He did this with two other emails with me as the .cc and I’m thinking… why the heck am I getting this? After I take the time to look at them I realize they aren’t even for one of my accounts which still makes me wonder why I got it.

On the 16th I asked the mini-manager for a weekly report that would show me how many of the calls for his account are taken by my team members. I sent him a sample of what I wanted. I want to know so I can give them accurate feedback on how they’re doing. Today he tells me he hasn’t started on it yet… how valuable he thinks the information will be when he can get it to me… and wondered if I wanted it weekly or monthly. Since he was my employee I’ve known he has a problem with prioritizing things. I’ve asked him if he needs help. I’ve let his new managers know. I’ve even had them promise me he’d have things done by a certain date and they still don’t get done.

Our survey person comes up to me and says, “Can you help me with this? I have some names on here for our company and I’m trying to figure out which department these people work in.” I recognize some of the names and I mark them as Sales or CSS. Then I look at the top of the paper… each column has a header that says Account Managers or CSS. *smack* I explain that the headers explain which department the people are in. Then he asks me what each department does for the company. Granted, he’s not likely to know what the CSS does but not know what a sales person or account manager does…

It wouldn’t be so bad if it were different things from the same people or the same things from different people. It’s the same people with the same things. Argh!

I was so tempted today just to say I was done with it all, tell them to send me my last paycheck and go home. I’m not even staying until 5 today.

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