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The Mouse Chronicles Are In The Works

I've been keeping notes and writing some things about the mouse that aren't ready for posting yet.
In summary though, a humane mouse trap has been set, I'm sleeping in the bedroom again, the mouse has said hello to me, I've named it Smokey, and it managed to wake me up a few times last night. Now it's fluttering instead of rustling. Makes me wonder if it's building a nice little nest in my dresser drawer.

I've seen more movies (I know, a shocker!) and did some cleaning of the dining room table yesterday.

I haven't touched the holiday cards but I've got a mental due date of the 9th to get those out. I'm sending them to Angels Camp, CA for cancellation so they'll have a unique postmark.

Yesterday was the TGIO party for NaNoWriMo. There were five of us there (one was an enabler) and it was a good time.
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