dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

It's Only Tuesday?!

My sanity has been slowly draining out of my body and was being replaced with anger. With my boss on-site at a customer location for the first three days this week I've been him. Boy has it been fun! I went to lunch today with ~E~ and we both vented about our company, our boss, and our co-workers. Then we talked about nothing in particular and that was good. I picked up some resume books yesterday from the library that were being held for me.

When I came back to work from lunch, my husband informed me that Smokey is no more. He brought home four more traps yesterday and of course Smokey had to find the non-humane one. The mouse my husband saw in the bedroom was a light brown so Smokey may still have a friend wandering about. Hopefully he'll be smarter and find one of the humane traps.

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