dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

It's a Corgi Day!

We're expecting bad weather and a decent amount of snow tonight. Blech. If I weren't a manager in a 7x24 call center, I'd actually like it. With Level 2 snow emergencies you're only supposed to be out if necessary. With level 3 snow emergencies you're only supposed to be out if you're emergency personnel and you can get tickets from the police for being out.

The good news is that today on my 365 Dogs a Year calendar is that it's a Corgi Day! There's a smiling Corgi sticking the tip of her tongue out at me. Surely if it's a Corgi Day, then the weather won't turn out to be so bad, right? Right?

I should have figured out last night what I was going to wear to work today. Decisions. Decisions.

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