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One of the movies we saw this week was Il Mare. Hubby rented it from Nicheflix. It took me about fifteen minutes to catch on to what was happening. Then I settled in and watched a sweet love story. The English subtitles weren't that great when it was more then a few lines, but it was still easy to understand. They would get cut off at the end so you didn't get to see the entire word.

Hollywood is remaking the movie as The Lake House. While I'm sure Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves still have some chemistry I think it will probably be kind of boring.

Earlier this week we saw Ana and the Others and Uyuni. I had a hard time focusing on Uyuni and didn't really see much of Ana and the Others. I was pretty sleepy after work. I must not have been too bad because if I start snoring, my husband will nudge me awake.

During the Columbus International Children's Festival I was a little sleepy then too.

Pelicanman was a good one. The actor who plays the pelican disguised as a human was the perfect combination of slapstick and innocence.

Mondo was another good one. There was one scene I didn't expect. He's eating an applie when a man approaches him with a bag of popcorn. A child may sense some kind of danger in the scene but an informed adult or parent would know the dangers that exist in that situation. Little Mondo is so innocent that he assumes the people he approaches are all good people. My husband pointed out the director is about the only person he knows making movies about the gypsy population. He has a film in the works with Asia Argento which I'll probably catch at some point.

I left Jambo Kenya! wanting more. It was obviously focused on the Canadian students and what they took from the experience but what did the African students take away? Did another group of students come in to teach them English? How many groups a year come there to teach them? Where were their usual teachers while the Canadian students were there? Now that they have a school large enough for them, will the next group help set them up with safe drinking water?

I first saw The Secret of Roan Inish when it premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. I still find it a magical tale with charm. I like to watch it best on a movie screen.

I left just before the ending of Peter Pan. Larry Marotta was accompanying the film on guitar. I like it when someone accompanies silent films because each performance is different. George Ali as Nana is brilliant as is his performance as the Crocodile. This is different from the Disney version everyone is so familiar with and it's got some refreshing changes.

Last night we saw Forty Shades of Blue. I really enjoyed the performances of Dina Korzun, Rip Torn and Paprika Steen! She's one of my favorite Danish actresses. Darren Burrows looked really familiar to me and I couldn't figure out why. My husband told me today that he was Ed on Northern Exposure. I found out his father is Billy Drago which is another reason why he looks so familiar. You can't look at them and not know they are related. Ira Sachs was there to discuss the film and the audience was a bit hesitant to ask questions.

I finished The Pleasure of My Company last night. I thought the ending was a bit rushed and if I had to chose between the two I prefer Shopgirl. What amazes me is how tight Steve Martin's writing is. There was not one character introduced in The Pleasure of My Company that didn't become involved in the story at some point. The theme of the quiet heart is in both books. You know, the person who doesn't want for much other than someone to love him/her and pronounce him/her as special because he/she is loved. I wonder if that's an issue he's been working through.

I was down to 15mg of the prednisone and decided to stop taking it starting today. I slept in past 9am and still haven't had breakfast or lunch yet. Let's hope this goes well.
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