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Weekend Update

Yesterday we spent most of it at home but today was a truly at home day. It was strange, too.

In the morning I surfed the internet then went out to the downtown library by myself. I was getting myself worked up into a little ball of anger at various things. It's good my husband knows how to make me laugh.

We went out in the afternoon and saw Jesus is Magic. I kept falling in and out of sleep during the movie and I was told I missed the funniest part. I thought some of what I saw was funny and other parts I might not have been quite in the mood for.

My parents got me a subscription to Writer's Digest which was on my Christmas list for them. They got my husband a subscription to The Believer which included a copy of the book The Believer Book of Writers Talking to Writers which I wanted. Score one for me! I called them to thank them for the gifts. My mother had been freaking out because she thought she was going to get cards to give to us on Christmas Eve. This happened one other time before so I knew it would be best to call them instead of pretending we didn't know anything about them. My mother told me my list didn't give her enough information on where she could get things.

So the reason why today was weird was because I got up at 8am and then kept falling asleep, waking up, and falling asleep again. I can't remember if this was happening a lot before I was diagnosed with Crohn's or if it was happening afterwards. I think it was happening before. Other than that, I've been feeling pretty normal without the prednisone. Days like this have a strange dreamlike quality.

Yesterday I started reading The Rattle-Rat by Janwillem van de Wetering. It has been on my books to read pile since 1998. I am sure there are other books waiting just as long but I guess it was finally the right time for it.

I am disappointed in who was named the ultimate Survivor.
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