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Hi There!

Just some random postings while I'm at work.

Mr. Lanadena returned from his trip on Tuesday night. We hung out, got caught up and watched a lot of Big Brother 5! Unfortunately, our reunion was cut short as I didn't leave work until 8pm that night. Grr.

Wednesday was the day my main customer came to visit me at my work. I had to clean up so many things from my desk over the last two weeks it wasn't funny. The visit was good, I think. It's hard to say if they want to stay with us or not. I had a yummy salad at lunch.

Our main PC wouldn't boot up and later my husband got it to boot up but it said it was missing a .dll file. Bah! So we took the PC in to get it fixed. It's Friday morning now and still no phone call.

I'm all caught up on the Amazing Race and Entourage.

I went to a Creative Writing workshop last night. My ex-neighbor Wendy was to meet me there but she ended up bailing. I can understand though. Maybe it's fear that keeps her from participating in anything writing related with me. I think it's the last time I'll invite her to something writing related (unless it's an author reading or visit).

I'm so looking forward to this weekend. It's a bummer that I can't play EQ (I really don't think my old 400 pentium could handle it - I haven't used it for EQ for 2 expansions) but it will be nice to spend time with my husband.

We've been reviewing the TIFF Catalog and have barely scratched the surface of what movies are there.

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