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I took a nap from 4:30pm to 6pm and shortly after waking up got a surprise. I've seen this one or twice before and I'm not sure how I should feel. Zilla was sleeping on his left side and he was bouncing the bed up and down. He looked like a fish on its side gasping for air, flopping from the top to the bottom. I think he was dreaming and not having a seizure. The people I know with dogs that have seizures say they're not "right" afterwards as they're usually a little disoriented. Sometimes at night he'll do a body slam and then wake up and walk over to another spot in the bedroom to sleep.

I finished The Rattle-Rat and enjoyed it. I had forgotten how wacky those Dutch detectives could be. It definitely won't be years before I read the next mystery in the series.

I printed off my NaNo and was surprised it only took seven minutes. Our old printer would have taken a lot longer to print 197 pages. I've begun reading it and some of it's a lot better than I remember. I also found a big mistake. My main character's boss is named Sarah in a part I don't remember writing but when she meets him on his first day at work, she introduces herself as Kate Burdette. hehe
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