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Not So Small Update

When I returned to bed I became the filling to a love sandwich. Hubby was spooning me and Zilla was giving me kisses before he laid down next to me for a bit. It's nice to know I'm loved by the men in my life.

I stayed awake for another 30 or 40 minutes before I fell back asleep. As usual, when I wake up throughout the night, I kept hitting the snooze alarm. I called in late to work. I showed up about 45 minutes late. My boss showed up an hour and a half late. I don't think I ever got to hear the reason why. It did make me a little loopy for our management meeting.

Saw Buster Keaton's Neighbors which was cute but was by no means one of his best movies. We also saw Beyond the Rocks with Gloria Swanson and Rudolph Valentino. It's a restoration from a print found in the Netherlands. The story was okay. I enjoyed Gloria Swanson's performance. The foley effects were annoying. If you thought only the US released a musical in 2003 (ala Chicago) you'd be wrong! France had one also called Not On The Lips. My favorite part of the movie was Lambert Wilson. I didn't realize he was French... he did a very good job singing in French with a clumsy American accent. But that's not all I've seen in the last week! Girl on the Bridge had it's high points while She Hate Me had a lot of lows. For some reason, I couldn't get into The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. I kept trying to figure out where I knew Susan from and the most recent thing is Girl with a Pearl Earring. I suspect she had another 20 - 30 pounds on then, though. Someone who could keep my attention today was King Kong. At the end I didn't really want to watch anymore because I wanted the fighter pilots to stop shooting at him but I knew they wouldn't. That's not how the story ends.

I started and finished The Grim Grotto, another Lemony Snicket tale. I'm number 116 on the reserve list for the next one. I'm a few chapters into Michael Chabon's Mysteries of Pittsburgh and I like it so far.

I got the bright idea that for Christmas my brother and I should have a couple of family pictures taken and give them to my mother for her present. I left dates on his answering machine Sunday and his wife got back to me today with a date to take the pictures. She spoke to my husband earlier today and mentioned that her youngest daughter's husband is in jail again but he didn't get any details. If so, that means we probably don't have to get him a Christmas gift. He met us once about five years ago. I'm seeing my mom and dad tomorrow as the extended family of my husband is getting together to celebrate the holiday. I'll ask my mom for details then.

I sold my first item on eBay! It was an OhioArt Hot Pocket travel size Etch a Sketch for $3.08. I'm rich! I'm rich!

I'm sharing weekly writing exercise duties for nanoljers. I have some books with writing exercises from the library and I keep forgetting to look through them. If I could plan out ten or so exercises I think that will give me a starting point to feeling like I'm not doing it by the seat of my pants.

On Saturday mornings for the last two months I've run errands by myself. I think I need to stop. Last week I came back as a little ball of anger and this week I came back sad. My gastroenterologist wrote me a prescription with a higher dosage so instead of taking 4 pills 4 times a day I can take 2 pills 4 times a day and he wrote it for a 3 month supply to save me some money on refills. They don't carry that high of a dosage and needed to order it and my present insurance will only pay for one month at a time unless I do it through mail order. My company is switching to a new insurance carrier in January. I'm supposed to take these pills everyday for the rest of my life. It was just a big hassle that got me upset. I also got to thinking about when my husband and I might get to go to The Top for our reward dinner. It would have been nice to go last week but funds didn't allow for it. I guess we'll have to wait until January. That got me a little sad too.

I did end up doing my 40K word reward last week. I got a slice of chocolate torte, a mini eclair and a chocolate petit four from Mozart's. I ate them over the course of a few days. The chocolate petit four was the best! I still need to do my 30K reward (online Texas Hold'em), 35K reward (Mary Kay pampering), my 45K reward (book or cd) and the final reward to The Top.

Yesterday we kept hearing cries of "Piper" from next door. He must have been a very trying puppy. Today they're having a party. It's nearly 2am and it's been going on since sometime before 7:30pm. (We left to see Narnia and King Kong at 1:15pm and got back at 7:30pm.) I may have to sleep with earplugs in. Neil Diamond, Bob Marley, The Beatles, and The Righteous Brothers have all made it into the playlist.

Tonight I baked chewy cherry cookies for tomorrow's get together. I made them last year but this year I used the splenda baking mixes for the sugar and brown sugar. My husband says the cookies taste fine. I can't eat dried fruit so I can't have any. The batter was about the same consistency as last year. I used a different kind of dried cherry this year. I had gotten all the margarine in the bowl ready to be creamed and was cleaning off the hand mixer when I lost my grip and dropped it into the sink. The sink full of water. I was worried we'd have to run to the store to get me a new one. I dried it off as best as I could and prayed I wouldn't electrocute myself when I plugged it into the wall. Since I'm here to tell the tale, I think we know how that ended.
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