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Long Weekend Upcoming!

Today was a holiday at my work so I had the day off. I'm not entirely sure about where the day went.

I got started about 10:15am and went to the library. I updated the antivirus and Windows 2000 files on my laptop. Then I went to Wendy's to pick up a gift certificate. Then I went to the Hallmark store where I picked out two 4x6 picture frames (one a gift) and pretty silver sparkly wrapping paper. Next stop was the grocery store where I got bread, buns, scotch tape refill, white envelopes... just some basic stuff. Final stop was McDonald's. I wanted two $10 Arch cards but their machine was down. I ended up with two $5 gift certificates. Came home, watched Olive, The Other Reindeer on tv and had lunch. Wrapped presents, uploaded some things to Flickr, and after my husband came home I took a two hour nap.

Boy today was good.

I finished The Mysteries of Pittsburgh on Tuesday. I really liked it. Michael Chabon is a good writer and I could picture nearly everything in my head from his descriptions. It's one I would recommend if someone wanted to read a well-crafted novel and not necessarily get caught up in it.

The book I started (and finished!) since then is Case Histories by Kate Atkinson. This was emotionally gripping. I was crying during the second chapter and I got teary-eyed a few more times while reading the book. I think one of the Amazon reviews said it was depressing but I found it hopeful. There was one plot line which could have been tied up a little more neatly (there are multiple plot lines from the second chapter until the end) but I know I care more about characters than about plots so it wasn't a big deal to me. It was tied up satisfactorily, just it could have been done a little more neatly.
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