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Christmas Eve

Yes! I finished yet another book. Girls' Poker Night by Jill A. Davis. It was $1 and on my pile of books to read. I read it. I didn't necessarily enjoy it.

I don't recall if I said anything or not, but I told my two high school best friends about my Crohn's in October and weeks went by and I didn't hear anything. The one in WI called me one day and left a very sweet message before the answering machine cut her off. The other one sent me a personalized post card while she's been traveling in Europe. She's in CO right now for a month. I'm glad she's been in places with the Army where she's been safe.

Yesterday my father-in-law left a message asking if we'd be at their church with them on Christmas morning. I was expecting it because it's not the first time the question has been asked. My mother-in-law loves having her kids at church with her because it happens so rarely. My husband was really upset about it. I knew it would just be a matter of time. He said we'd go because he didn't want to ruin Christmas for his mother. He does have a point... how nicely can you say to someone, "We don't ever want to step foot in your church unless we have to because the congregation believes homosexuality is wrong and women should be subservient to men." It's just ironic that his parents raised him that everyone is equal in the eyes of God yet they believe that type of stuff.

His parents are the only ones... I find some of the things my parents have done or said ironic in how they raised me as well.

I heard from my WI friend. I should see her and her family on Tuesday or Wednesday this week.

I slept in late and had crazy dreams. We're supposed to be at my parents house in an hour and a half to have dinner and exchange presents. I've not even had breakfast or anything yet.
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