dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Catching Up

One thing I try to do each day (but do forget) is to visit The Breast Cancer Site to fund free mammograms. While I'm there I visit all of the other affiliated sites too.

I was a bit frustrated this morning and I was worried that I scared my husband. Shortly after he left the apartment with a bag of gifts I let out a howl. It wasn't until I went into the dining room that I saw he was still standing there on the back steps. He probably thought, "Gee. What did I do now?" I don't think he's heard me do such a thing since our wedding reception. That's a whole other story which involves flat tires and sore feet. He acted like he never heard anything though.

Overall the day could have gone worse than it did. One of my fears was that my in-laws would get my husband a lot of things (aka clothes) that he didn't want. My husband made the comment that it was actually the best year for presents from his parents. He got everything on his list with a few bonus things he wanted.

We saw North Country the other night. I won't be surprised if Frances McDormand or Charlize Theron are nominated for Oscars. The next movie is my husband's pick.

About an hour ago I had a list of topics to write about (that mental list I keep, you know) but my brain right now is just mush. I'm not sure why.

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