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January, the Second!

I know I can't (and won't) keep this up. It's the second day of the year and already I've finished book number two! Amsterdam by Ian McEwan. A past winner of the Booker Prize. I was surprised by how it didn't take long to read. It wasn't as emotionally gripping as some of his other books.

Earlier in 2005 I read in someone's blog about how she needed to update her library of books on some web site that would keep track of the books in her home library. For the life of me, I can't think of what the web site is. It wasn't a downloadable software. I am thinking that my husband and I should catalog our books. He keeps buying the same books for himself and doesn't realize it until (usually) years later. I keep lists of books I want to read on my Palm Pilot but the lists don't change very much because I'm afraid of repeating what I have in my "to be read" pile.

In 2005 my husband saw 393 films (home and theater viewings) and 289 short films. I don't even try to keep up with him but I do see a lot.
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