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Not Ready For Work

My husband applied for a job in Seattle and was about to move on to second portion of the process. After looking at Monster and not finding any reasonable jobs for me and finding out the pay at the new job would be less then what he's making now, he told them he didn't want to considered for the job anymore.

Zilla was up to shenanigans last night. Four times my husband took him out and he didn't do anything. My husband was reading downstairs and then Zilla would try to get up the stairs to whine at me. When he made it I'd wake up, and tell him to get up on the bed. Zilla would get up on the bed and when I'd wake up later he'd be by the bed whining again. My husband tried using a clothes gift box and a suitcase to keep him from getting up the stairs.

I started reading Dog by Michelle Herman last night and all I can think of is that Zilla picked up on the vibe in the beginning of the book when Phil is only a few weeks old.

It's been raining since yesterday so now I'm tired and have to go back to work. Blech!

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