dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Whee Hee!

Or is the other phrase more appropriate? "Woo Hoo!"

Yesterday was a day at work I'd like to forget. My support specialists hounded me to no end so I ended up staying until 8:45pm to work on reports due today at noon and a report for a customer visit. It took me about 30 minutes to print color copies of the report and another hour to do all of the binding.

I wasn't sure where the rental car place was so I drove by it. Four times. Then I saw it! I got home right around 10pm. I was tired. I don't even really remember what we did. I know we watched Family Bonds but I can't remember if it was last night or Sunday night. I think it was Sunday night. My husband offered me the computer, etc. but I was just tired.

During the night the dog whined. I didn't wake up at all until my husband put him on the bed. Right after that the bed fell off the bed frame again. I was so tired I didn't get up, I just made more room for my husband. He made a joke that the dog couldn't be on the bed anymore because the bed wasn't big enough for the three of us. The dog didn't laugh, but I smiled.

About 5:45am the dog snuggles in between us and he starts to get affectionate with me, trying to put his head under my hand so I'll pet him. I pet him and talk to him for a bit when he becomes insistent. I look at the clock and ask him to wait a little bit longer. My husband tells him he needs to get off the bed. The dog has to use the bathroom... it had nothing to do with affection. Until 6:30am or so, we're asking the dog to wait a little bit longer. Usually when we ask he'll stop whining for 10 or 15 minutes. He didn't really stop.

While I was taking my bath, my husband took him outside. He really, really had to go! I got to the rental car place late. I brought two books on tape with me for the car trip. The first was Gates of Eden and the other was something by Elmore Leonard. I have a white Pontiac Sunfire with Florida license plates for my trip. It has a CD player. Darn. I didn't bring any CDs with me.... I was all set to listen to my books on tape.

I flew to the meeting. When the radio cut out I found another station that played Howard Stern so I got to hear a few hours of the show. He spoke with Miss Howard Stern and Bai Ling from Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. It took me about two hours to get there and I was late. Thanks to the cell phone I got for Christmas from my parents (yay Tracfone!) I called ahead to say I'd be 10 minutes late. Even with getting lost around the building I wanted, I estimated correctly. My visit was to a tire manufacturer headquartered in Akron, Ohio. The meeting went well and I anticpated most of their topics of discussion so the meeting wasn't as long as it could have been.

Driving back took longer. I almost stopped at the outlet mall in Lodi but thought better of it. With all the money we spent on books this last weekend, I didn't really need to buy anything else.

Oh! This weekend I found a few costumes for Halloween. I will probably buy one with my Friday paycheck. Two years ago I had one made and I was Lanadena, my Barbarian Shamaness. Last year I went as a Beatnik girl wearing things I already owned.

Last night my husband suggested a steak place. He must have known I'd been hankering for one. First I went to Outback Steakhouse. They don't open until 4:30pm. Then I went to a new place called Texas Roadhouse which is supposed to have made from scratch side dishes. They didn't open until 4:30pm either. I went to BW3 which I had lunch at yesterday.

I returned the car to the rental place and when I got to my car began to listen to Gates of Eden. It was so nice to drive a car earlier that had air conditioning and didn't leak oil all over the place. I have to put more oil in tonight because the engine was loud and when I pulled out of the parking lot, I noticed there was no oil spot. After six hours in one spot, there should have been an oil spot. Luckily I have two quarts in the car for tomorrow.

The dog was happy to see me. We went for our walk around the block. One of the maintenance men is putting a new front screen door on the place next door. He played with the dog and asked if the toilet and sinking were holding up. I told him that they were and he mentioned that he had put acid in the toilet. No wonder it was so clean! I also told him I realized that the kitchen cabinets are pulling from the back of the wall... I can't close one of the cabinet doors and two others are starting to not close. He said to call and it would be put on the list. I let him know I'd do it, but I wanted to get the things out of the cabinets first; it would be easier to work on that way.

That's been my day so far. Now I'm going to install Omens of War. Tonight is the finale to both Big Brother 5 and the Amazing Race. Last week on the Amazing Race we got to hear Colin say, "I hate you." There is much debate on whether the comment was directed at his girlfriend or the ox he couldn't control. Tonight I think we get to hear him say, "I don't care." It's so funny watch him. I bet he'll have a heart attack by the time he's 38 if he doesn't learn some stress management skills soon.

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