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Thursday - Just Before Vacation!

I took a slightly longer lunch today so I could finish up Dog. It was well worth it! I loved it. I thought it was great. It's about loneliness and learning to live.

Meanwhile, I just found out about another book I will have to (eventually) buy. She Got Up Off The Couch by Haven Kimmel. I loved the memoir about her childhood. The stories continue with what happens when her mother finally gets off the couch. I wonder where she got the title from? :)

I spoke to the woman today at work whose husband had a reverse ileostomy in December. She said that he is so sick! When he had the ileostomy done he couldn't believe people went through it and now that he's had it reversed he said it's worse. He's a lot weaker than he thought he would be. Because of his surgeries, they have someone else caring for the dog they are fostering from Hurricane Katrina. The dog had a light teeth cleaning done and it was advised the dog get a thorough teeth cleaning later as it looked like there was a trouble spot in one of the side teeth. She said that the dog was brought in for a thorough dental cleaning just before the New Year and when the vet took x-rays found pellets from a bb or another gun in several places. One of the places was in it's jaw which is where the troublespot was. She said the dog has been somewhat skittish at times but she had no idea it gone through that at one point. It makes me mad! The pellet in the jaw has been removed but the others in the skin are staying because it would cause a lot of discomfort and create multiple entries for infection. Poor doggie!
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