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Midweek Morning Update

When we got back from Amish country I found out about a geek girl anthology asking for submissions. I got excited about it and the next day started writing something for it. My husband couldn't believe that within 24 hours I had over 3,000 words down on paper. It's due by the end of the week so I don't have much time for cleanup and revision.

And I have to finish editing/formatting my NaNo Novel. I couldn't post it here because my husband reads it, but I'm having publish a copy of it for me and it's a gift from me to him. At the TGIO Party someone brought their novel from the previous year and it looked so nice! He had written a children's story and had copies printed for his nieces and nephews.

Last night we saw Brokeback Mountain. Wow. I have a lot of thoughts whirling around in my head about this one. The night before I saw about half an hour of Ned Kelly and I've decided I'm really tired of Heath Ledger laying on his accent or doing some trick to hide it. Of course he had to do it for this role because who would have believed he was from Wyoming if he had an Austrailan accent?

Well, I'm sitting here in my long flannel nightgown and slippers with full makeup and no idea what to wear to work today. I guess I better find something, huh?
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