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Sunday Morning Catchup

*jumps up and down in her seat and gains control of herself*

Let's see... this week I saw Floating Clouds and Wife! Be Like a Rose! both directed by Mikio Naruse. With the first one I just kept wondering why this woman kept going back to him. It just seemed like it wasn't going to end well. I rather enjoyed the second movie a bit more. The issues are timeless.

Thursday I did something stupid. I used the exercise bike at work. I set it for 10 minutes and only made it through 3.5 minutes. My left leg was so sore! I barely made it down the stairs at work and took the elevator the next day. I now have a tangerine sized bruise on my left leg. My husband noticed it yesterday. It took long enough for it to show up! The bruise on my right toe is expanding upwards and looks like a big purple grin.

Yesterday we saw Syriana. I thought it had one of those trailers that shows everything that happens but I was wrong. The movie wasn't really anything like I expected it to be.

I watched the Eukanuba Tournament of Champions last night. I watch it every year. Or at least the last night because that is when the herding group is judged. Someone posted on my Corgi-L list that one of the members has three dogs there this year. I don't know if they are Pembrokes or Cardigans.

I've been staying away from reading so I can keep on track with writing. I've been doing some clean-up on More Than Blue for my husband's late Christmas present. I also worked on a few versions of an essay... and submitted it for publication! If I don't hear anything by 2/15/06 then I can assume it's not going to be included. I had fun writing it!
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