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So I watched a few movies this weekend. They were all good ones. Friday night was The Notorious Bettie Page. It has quite a bit of humor and some of the lines were drowned out from the audience laughing so loud. It was a sold out screening. Christine Vachon did a Q&A afterward. I found her quite charming; she seems to keep a sense of humor about life which I admire. There was a dinner with her at a donor's house but I didn't go. Hubby went and said it was fun.

Saturday we saw The New World. Don't expect it to be all about John Smith... which is what the trailer makes you believe. The cinematography is beautiful. Sometimes I wish I could find untouched places like the place chosen for the Jamestown scenes.

Sunday we saw The Passenger. I'm not a fan of anyone who was in the movie but I thought everyone did a good job. It has a sense of "place" that isn't found often in recent movies.

In book news, I read Lemony Snicket's Penultimate Peril. I just know the VFD will triumph in the end. They must!

Tomorrow I'm going to see a customer in Akron. I suspect it will go well, but I'm tired. So tired of the same stuff we rehash at each meeting. Tired of doing the same thing every 4 months. Tired of my job.

I got to speak to my hospitalized employee and his partner this morning. The surgery took about six hours and he's doing well. He told me the last thing he heard was "We need that specific drill bit" while they were rooting around in a drawer for it. He's got a half Mohawk right now and staples where they did the surgery. They clamped the aneurysm and the prognosis is good. It may be a long time before he is back to work. He was to meet with the physical and occupational therapists today. He will be in the hospital 10 days. The doctors originally said seven weeks so that is good.

Sunday night we had dinner near Children's Hospital (and one of the 24-hour video stores) at Club 185. It was yummy! I had one of the juiciest hamburgers I've ever. The chili and the french fries were good too. The chili had just the right amount of kick to it. The french fries were like the homemade kind I would make when I was first married.

I feel like I'm all caught up on tv for a while now. This last week I watched a lot of The Dog Whisperer. His techniques don't seem all that unusual to me and some of the people seem bright but are dumb at the same time. Like the psychologist who brought her people-shy dog into her work every week. That increases the chances of the dog biting other people big time. The only time I didn't want to watch was when he was working with the sweet faced lab/pit bull mix that liked to kill small animals. He held a rabbit and a guinea pig next to the dog and I could barely watch.

I was surprised to find there are some people on my Corgi list who hate him. They think his methods are harsh and old fashioned. They prefer positive reinforcement and the clicker method. I thought he was using positive reinforcement using praise, not treats! hehe

You know how I'm just hooked on these reality shows...
my husband had taped some of the shows about roller girls for me but there were so many Dog Whisperers that they got erased before I could see them. There is a new batch of roller girls in town and one of the NaNoWriMo participants is on the team. I wanted to see them in December but I forgot about it until the next day.

The last time we saw the Gauntlet II I was shocked by Montana. They showed footage of her from the very first Real World/Road Rules Challenges. I had completely forgotten that she was on it.

Well, I have more to say, but I really should go home and make dinner.
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