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Parents - Love Them But They Make Us Crazy

I called my mother tonight to find out what her doctor said. She was being tested for c. dif and the doctor decided that when she was on antibiotics that it killed all of the healthy bacteria and might have brought on IBS.

Then I was told about how she took a quiz and somehow brought up all the stuff on her iMac that she'd ever printed. She told it to delete it and then clicked on one of the red stop lights to make it go away. But she wonders if she really deleted those things. And she has no idea how it happened. Then she started to connect her iMac to the internet and realized she and I were on the phone so she couldn't try to recreate it for me. Like I can see what her iMac is doing... and can I look at it the next time I'm there to see if it will do it again?

Then it took her forever to tell me about a reform synagogue in Springfield that she and my dad went to one Saturday. The rabbi is female and the synagogue encourages interfaith couples to attend. My dad felt very comfortable there... and my mother wanted to find a rabbi who knows her when it's time for her to be buried. And maybe my husband and I would like to go with them sometime.


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