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Premium Subscription Worth It!

I love having a premium subscription to When my Palm wasn't so full of tasks and calendar items I used to download articles to it and read them at lunch. I feel a little out of touch now that I don't. So I try to go to the web site every few days to see what I'm missing. Recently they started something called Video Dog. It has video clips from shows or ones that people made.

The funniest one is of the "Dancing Cadet" where a fellow from the Air Force Academy catches his roommate on video dancing. Every day his roommate listens to this music and dances. I have to laugh because he's just really getting down and I like the music! He'd be a great dancer at an 80's night club. I don't know how old the video is but I'm pretty sure there aren't many kids dancing like that these days.

I didn't get to see Bill O'Reilly on David Letterman but it's on the Video Dog and I was glad to see it.

The two most surprising video clips are of Felicity Huffman interviewed by Lesley Stahl and Margaret from Wife Swap. The Felicity Huffman interview is surprising because she gives an honest answer to the question of motherhood and gives Lesley Stahl what-for. Margaret's family is to happy to see her return home only to shout that the other wife was part of the dark side and she's a "Spiritual Warrior". The shouting is also shrieking at times and is quite hard on the ears.

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