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My husband called me and told me the car dealership was able to come through for him. His dad has to co-sign but we've been so good lately I know we won't mess anything up for him. They are going to pick up the car tomorrow in the late afternoon.

To my husband's surprise, I was working on my resume when he called. When we spoke earlier I told him I would work on it. I have the basic information filled in. I don't like the format too much but it's a start.

I forgot to mention my writing stuff on Saturday. My NaNoWriMo group scheduled a get together for the afternoon. The community room at Panera that we scheduled was full of people. One person came in, sat down for a few minutes and then left. The rest of us were right outside the door chatting. The rest of us = three of us. We recognized each other from various write-ins and hadn't ever seen the other person. We chatted about writing, different things that have kept us from writing or scared us about writing, things writers observe, etc. We're going to do more drabbles and when we meet next month we're supposed to bring with us a letter we've written to a famous author (living or dead) with questions and thoughts about writing.

Also, rhondaparrish told me of a paying writing opportunity earlier in the week so I decided to try my hand at it to see if I could even do it. Got most of story done.

Lastly, I did a writing exercise I had posted to nanoljers about noise which I hadn't done yet.
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