dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Just Before the Weekend

The commute to and from work was lovely in the under 25k mile 2003 Toyota Corolla. It's not fancy with power windows and doors but it drives well!

We saw The Turning Gate tonight which I forgot I'd already seen. It wasn't until the opening shot that I remembered seeing it but couldn't remember the narrative.

Last night I saw Bubble which I really enjoyed.

My brother-in-law and his family went back home this week. It will be weird to not have them around. The next time we see ~C~ in person he'll be at least a year old. My parents-in-law have grabbed onto the idea of all four of us going to see them next year. It takes about 35k frequent flier miles to get free international tickets. They think they can have two free tickets around November so they would only have to buy two.

One of my cousins went to Las Vegas and got married. We're going to a wedding cake and open bar reception for him and his wife on Saturday. It's his second marriage. I would guess he's about 30 now. I haven't seen him since we were little.

I'm excited for the weekend because I'll get to be at home with my husband. We have some family obligations coming up including a Mike Albert concert. He's said to be one of the best Elvis impersonators. We'll see!
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