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I'm afraid I dozed off during my date on Friday. We went to see the Danish troupe Kassys do a performance of Kommer. It was really good. I just did too much running around after work and then nearly didn't make it on time. I was walking as fast as I could without running to get to the performance space. From the Wexner Center Web site:

Half stage show and half film, Kommer, by the innovative Dutch theater ensemble Kassys, is a pointedly humorous and poignant look at how we all cope with loss. The title means "grief," and in the opening section, the actors portray a group of people gathered after a nameless tragedy. A series of small episodes reveals their well-meaning, but ultimately awkward, attempts to connect and comfort each other. The film that follows uncovers the inner emptiness of the cast members' offstage lives, creating an image of quiet desolation no less profound than in the drama they first enacted on stage.

Saturday we went to my cousin's reception. There was a mix-up with the invitations, the time, etc. It was a dinner reception. We got there just after the last course was served and the tables were given names of famous couples. We didn't get assigned a table because of the last minute invite. My mother and my cousin ~J~ didn't go because the snow in their area of the state was bad. We sat with my brother and sister-in-law. My cousin is all grown up! The last time I saw him his hair was light brown and curly. Now it's almost black and curly... and his hairline is receding. His wife seems nice. Amazingly enough, I went out and danced to two songs with my sister-in-law. We both didn't realize how long Love Shack was. It seemed to go on forever. I was wearing my black snow boots so it was like I had ankle weights for those songs.

My sister-in-law looked really cute. She said her dress was one she bought years ago. She and her mother had gone shopping and her mother talked her into buying it because it was a name brand designer dress for $35. Her mother said it didn't matter she was a size 8. The dress is a 12. She was thanking her mother that night because it was the only thing that fit her.

On Sunday I called my mother to tell her about the reception and she was so tickled. I didn't really want to call her but my husband made me.

I thought Saturday Night Live with Steve Martin and Prince was a good one. I laughed a lot. I asked my husband if he thought they'd do the Prince Show skit but he didn't think so. They did! But Prince wasn't on it. Boo hoo! It would have been hilarious if Prince had spoofed himself or appeared in the mirror at the end.

I am really loving driving around in my car.

Kohl's has their tennis shoes on sale so I am going to try to get my favorite ones. It's only $10 but what the hey!? I still have a gift card to use. The Kohl's be me didn't have my size so I will stop by the one at work tomorrow. If all else fails, I can get them directly from New Balance.
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