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Over The Hump Day

Today has been a really good day!

When I checked my email in the morning the paid writing opportunity came through. I figured out that once I start getting paid if I'm good and I don't spend it all over the place (I might get a paid LJ account) I would have enough money to buy the tv my husband wants by the end of the year.

Work was okay. I got through most of the monthly reviews; I have four more to complete. I was given a new ID badge today because the area that holds the clippy thing broke. The HR person couldn't find my picture in the system so I had a new one taken. Too bad I have a little teeny head on a big body from all the weight I gained. At least I wore makeup to work and my hair was looking good!

After work I went to Kohl's looking for my tennis shoes. I saw a box for 6.5 B and it was empty. I checked the display model and it was a size 8. I guess someone stole a pair of tennis shoes! Looking down further I saw a 6.5 D and I knew I hit Bingo! Just to be 100% sure, I tried them on and they fit. With my gift card and the $10 off I paid about half price for the shoes. Go me!

It was around 5:30pm so I went to Buffalo Wild Wings where I feasted on a snack of buffalo chips (no cheese, please) and 4 naked tenders with medium sauce. Delightful! The water was yummy too. Sometimes water from soda fountains can be salty.

I went to the Wexner Center and browsed in the bookstore. I recognized Stephen Elliot and there was a woman with him who looked familiar. I can only guess that she's his girlfriend and was with him on his last trip? He was there with four other writers for a reading of Stumbling and Raging: More Politically Inspired Fiction. The story by David Eggers is what he read at the last visit just before the 2004 Presidential Election and I enjoyed it. First up was Stefan Keisbye, a native of Germany, whose story was found in the slush pile. The book was pretty much finished (there were about 200 entries) when Elliot's students foisted the story on him. He'd sold other things before this story. Next up was Jeff Parker, a funny fellow whose wife got her PHD at OSU. He looks so young! Courtney Brkic was next. Her story is inspired by some translation work she's done in the past. It was Croatian that she translated. Next was Michelle Herman whom I've mentioned here a few times. Once again she remembered signing things for me in the past. We talked a little bit about Dog. Last was Stephen Elliot. He had some students pass out the book to audience members who wanted to see the story while he read it. I think most of the people who took the books bought them but there is one autograph guy who put the book in his bag. I am not sure if he paid for the book later or not. I paid for my book and picked up a gift for my sweetie then read a little of a magazine while I waited for everyone to come out and sign books. It was almost 9pm and I almost didn't wait for them. But I did. And I'm happy. I got to talk to some writers who were just happy to meet people who came to hear them read and do something different than normal.

I almost cried on the way home because I was so happy. I only welled up though.

Then I thought of the opening paragraph of an essay and as soon as I parked in the lot, I got out my writing journal and wrote it down so I wouldn't forget.

My hubby made us some Red Baron French Bread pizzas and we watched American Idol.
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