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Friday evening we went to see an Elvis Tribute Artist named Mike Albert for his Valentine's Day concert. He's really famous in our area. The Jordanaires were with him. His grandson, Ethan, got up on the stage and danced with Mike. One of the things I wondered was would people call him Elvis or Mike? They called him Mike. All in all it was a fun time. It is obvious that he enjoys what he does and when you're seeing someone like that... how can you not have fun too? There were two tables of older women wearing red hats and purple clothes. I had completely forgotten about that poem. Mike's final number was Dixie and ended with a huge flag unfurling as a backdrop. Everyone (but my husband and I) were clapping wildly and standing up. I am sure from a flag etiquette point of view we committed a faux pas.

Dinner before the concert at Red Robin was kinda out of control. There were ten of us and multiple checks. The food was good, though.

Saturday evening we saw Darwin's Nightmare. It is a truly amazing documentary. The theater was sold out and about 10 more were turned away. I think people wanted to clap at the end in appreciation but it was depressing.

I saw a BookTV of new authors. It had Joseph Boyden, Koren Zailckas, Elizabeth Kostova and Susan Casey. It was really quite interesting. The moderator asked them questions and then the audience had a chance to ask their questions.

I took my socks off about an hour ago and now my feet are freezing.
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