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After Lunch Update

This is frustrating. My manager has asked us to come up with things we want in a call tracking system back in September. Someone did a write-up years ago when we were seriously looking into getting Remedy’s MAGIC. That someone no longer works here. Her soft and hard copies of things were not kept in very good order.

While cleaning out the stuff she gave me and going through the network files during the holidays I found this information and thought, “I have to remember where this is in case the topic comes up again.” Now our manager has asked for it again. I can’t find it. Argh!!

I went to lunch at 11:30am and am still full. We went to an internet deli within walking distance (my husband will be so proud that I walked instead of drove) that I’d not been to before today. They’ve been in business for at least six months. The idea is that you order your lunch online and if you order it for eat-in you can reserve the table you want. It’s a full meal of a sandwich/salad, a side and a drink for $8. The sides include potato salad, chips, and four different soups. One guy saw there were coupons in the lunch room this morning of buy 1 sandwich and get 1 free and brought them to our morning management meeting. When our boss saw them, he said he’d buy us all lunch today.

Sometimes we all get on each others nerves but the one thing we can usually agree on is food. We all like it!
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