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My Hair

I should be hearing from The First Line people in a few more days. They usually respond to everyone that's submitted to them. I've had ideas swirling for another one of their lines and today while brushing my teeth I hit on the idea I want to write about.

I have to finish my writing stuff for tomorrow's meeting.

I am in a little bit of a dilemma regarding my hair. It was last cut in December. For the last year I've been going to an expensive ($40 - $50) salon within walking distance. I won a gift certificate during the adult reading club at the library. The woman and I get along fine for the most part. I love how she cuts my hair; I've been up for trying new things and everything she's done looks pretty good. I called the salon last week and found out she's not there anymore. Do I try to track her down (and being able to walk to the appointment is a nice thing) or do I just try to find someone else? ~E~'s cousin does hair and she's done a great job with ~E~'s hair over the years. She's just gotten a new job in Bexley at Michael Garcia's Salon. They charge $35 - $60 so it's about the same. I'm just nervous because if I don't like her then I don't want ~E~ to feel weird about it.
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