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Today I stopped by the cemetary to check on my brother. Grave looks good as does my grandparents'. I thought I overheard my uncle say he was going to do grave blankets at my mom's request. There were some flowers in the vases but that's all.

Earlier in the week I saw Childstar and Wilby Wonderful. Don McKellar is not only a pleasant smelling man, he's a talented one! I'll see just about anything that he makes. The story could have gone a little differently but overall it was okay. Dan MacIvor was here for the Wilby Wonderful screening. He reminded me of my optometrist due to his mannerisms (and the way he pushes up his sleeves) and his short hair cut. I immediately liked him Tracy Wright was there for the screening. As MacIvor noted, there really isn't a celebrity lifestyle in Canada like there is in the US. That's probably why Canadian movie people can go pretty much anywhere they want without drawing too much attention.

Hubby and I went for Chinese food for lunch today. He had the General Tso's and I had the Empress Chicken. Quite the upperclass meals, don't you think? I couldn't eat much because my tummy felt a little funny. I brought it home so I could eat it later. It may have been too much at once or a reaction to the egg roll.

A few weeks ago I mentioned to my boss that the Disney on Ice show would be in town. For some reason it jogged a little memory loose. I suddenly remembered that I have been to an ice show. I must have been 12 or 13 at the time. It was with a younger girl that was always trying to be friends with me. I don't remember any other single thing about it. Weird, huh?

At that internet deli place we were talking about being rich and my boss asked why he was paying if I was rich. "I'm happy in my marriage, my health is good..." And he looked at me weird and said he was talking about money, not that kind of rich. His wife looks at him as though he's just a wallet. She got mad at him yesterday because he had to drive back to work to drop someone off instead of coming straight home. They don't talk much and he tries to avoid her when he's home. I just slowly digest the things he says about her. I'm sure at some point the two of them will be incorporated in my work.

There's a fellow whose writing I enjoy on my writing board. For some reason he posted he was moving on and deleted all of his work, including the ones from the password protected forums. He hadn't been around for a few months as he was busy with a crafts fair and writing for publication when he turned up again about a month ago. It seemed a little weird and abrupt.

For Christmas I asked for Walk in Shadows by nick_kaufmann. I didn't realize it was out of print. My parents said that if I find a copy to buy it and they'd pay me back. I might have found it at Shocklines where I also ordered Dangerous Red by mehitobel Wilson. I think my writing style is more memoir or fantasy oriented but I can still appreciate the work of others.

I got my reminder email about the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure walk in May. I'll register for it in another week or so.

At the library sale we bought a few books though the selection wasn't large.

Last night I got to read my Death Jr. comic. It was really cute and funny.
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