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Monday is Coming! Monday is Coming!

My husband won some major points this weekend. I may have mentioned before that my in-laws were getting new furniture for their living room. They've asked us since August if we wanted their couch. My husband always hemmed and hawed about it. I thought he wasn't wild about the couch itself but he was more concerned about actually getting it in the apartment. So on Wednesday he told me their new couch was arriving on Friday. There was no possible way we could get the place cleaned up in that amount of time. So he called and asked if they could hold onto the couch for two weeks and then we'd take it. They said that was fine. I was working hard this evening trying to get things cleaned up. If they bring it in through the front door it would be a tight fit. If they bring it in through the back door it has to squeeze between the dining room table and the DVD racks on that wall. By cleaning everything if something needs to be moved for the 20 - 30 minutes it takes to move the couch in and the old one out I don't have to worry about anything falling over or getting stepped on.

This is all convenient since my mother has said she'll stay here while watching Zilla instead of us bringing him to her.

I completely stopped the prednisone on Thursday so this was my first weekend without it. I noticed it didn't take as much food to make me feel full. I had a few times where I felt an urgent need to use the restroom.

For some reason Zilla has been limping this evening and it's gotten worse. I think it's his right rear leg. I had to carry him up the stairs tonight which was no easy feat. He was good because he didn't struggle but I was worried that I'd fall backwards down the stairs from trying to balance him in my arms. With his long back I've always tried to have one arm underneath him for support. Yes, Corgis are supposed to be small but he's not a typical Corgi.

Tomorrow I have to stay at work a little late for a customer satisfaction meeting. I asked if they would have one in the morning and one in the afternoon so more people from my department could attend and I was told they'd have to see about it. I am going to try to see if I can get through the week without posting a complaint about work.

Friday afternoon I called the ex-problem customer. She was so happy to hear from me. As much as she was a pain in the behind as a customer, I do like her as a person. All of my other customers really just communicate with me via email so the last few months I've really only had contact with the people in my department and a few in other departments.

~E~ and I are going to go through the daily quotes database at work and each pick 10 quotes we like the best. That will whittle it down from 200 to something more reasonable. She's going to bring a quote book in to get more quotes. Most of the quotes were picked by the boss we had several bosses ago. He was a little bit of a fuddy duddy at times and they seem very pseudo-intellectual.

Last Saturday a Mary Kay order arrived that had a NaNo reward. Now I'm nearly caught up on my rewards. Just the big one is left.

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