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Monday Update

~E~ bought me lunch today. Her car overheated yesterday. She took it in to be repaired and couldn't find anyone else to pick her up. She didn't have any other way to get lunch either so she wanted to buy me lunch. The lunch I brought is still at work.

We left at 3:30pm for the car dealership and got there at 4:15pm. Traffic was backed up for some reason. I got home a few minutes after 5pm. The maintenance man was all excited to see Zilla. Zilla's not limping as much but it still not moving 100% perfect.

Hubby gets a promotion in March. We were expecting it to happen in July. When he gets home, I'll ask him to tell me all about it! In a crazy world it would mean his boss gave his two weeks notice.

The old fuddy duddy boss left me a phone message on Friday night at work (he has my home number so I'm not sure why he called there). He said he was talking with a mutual friend of ours and thought of me for another job at their place of employment. I called him back but he was heading to the Rickenbacker airport with the cub scout troop so he's supposed to call me back later. My #1 reliable employee gave her resignation today; she was offered a job on Friday at the place where they work.

As I'm sure some of you have noticed, Mads Mikkelsen has been chosen as the villian for the next James Bond movie. He is a wonderful Danish actor. I am sure he will be great in the part. I haven't seen a James Bond movie since high school (and even that was on VHS) but I might have to see this one.

I was so sleepy on the way home I nearly pulled over somewhere to sleep. Now I'm kind of awake. Blech!
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