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Friday night we saw Zero Day then went out to Old Bag of Nails. I tried their French Dip sandwich. It had white american cheese which I found out I don't like. Since I didn't eat much, I had dessert too. Georgia Pecan Ball - vanilla ice cream with pecans and Kahlua fudge on top. Usually when we go there our waitress is cute. I apologized to my husband that we didn't get a cute one, but she was nice. A little on the dingy side but she was nice. For instance, we asked for the sandwich in a box, another beer and the dessert. She came back with the beer right away. A little bit later she brought the dessert. When we got the check we asked for the sandwich again. "Oh, I saw that box and couldn't remember what I was supposed to do with it!"

I've been kind of sleepy and blah since Saturday. My husband went to the optometrist and got new glasses. I got us McDonald's for lunch when he came back. My husband cleaned off the dining room table and we ordered out from the restaurant across the street. I felt an overwhelming urge to have something good for me so I ate a salad with blackened salmon. It was so yummy. My mouth waters now thinking of the dressing that came with it. I finished Enduring Love and started on Bird by Bird. I did an EQ raid against Saryrn.

I finished reading Bird by Bird on Sunday. I wrote for about 20 minutes after that. I also played EQ for about 3 hours to explore the lands in Omens of War. My husband brought me lunch. He also cleaned out the cabinets where we keep our canned foods. You know... the ones that are falling off the walls. He's a saint.

We saw Shaun of the Dead followed by a late showing of Zatoichi.

In case you are wondering what my neighborhood looks like, I found a great site with pictures. Three of the pictures are right around our apartment. Everything pictured are places we can walk to from our apartment. One of the reasons why we like it here is because we can walk anywhere. Post office, library, restaurants, optometrist... we could even walk to the dentist or the doctor if ours were located around here.

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